Three reasons Champions League exit is good for Arsenal

Heroic failure… same old story for Arsenal. In truth, the Gunners were on a hiding to nothing when they arrived at the Stade Louis II, with their naïve performance at the Emirates Stadium having left them 3-1 down on aggregate and in need of at least three goals to get through. A 2-0 win was impressive against a resolute Monaco side, but ultimately the maths didn’t stack up, with the Ligue 1 side’s away goals in the first leg enough to tilt the scales in their favour.

Alas, there is actually plenty to be positive about for Arsenal fans, who have lots to look forward to this season. Here are THREE reasons no more Champions League for this season may actually be a silver lining…

Were they ever going to win it?


With sides such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and PSG involved, did Arsenal even have a chance of winning the Champions League? Okay, Liverpool won in 2005 with a sub-standard team and Chelsea’s victory a few years ago was achieved with a team that included Ryan Bertrand, but since then the best sides have got even better, and Arsenal would surely have been prolonging the inevitable had they made it through? Probably, and less energy will be expended as well as reducing the level of heartbreak this way.

Free up time and energy for top four push

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With Manchester City having slipped away from Chelsea in the battle for the title, the race for the top four now looks to be the big one in the Premier League. The Gunners currently sit third, but with Manchester United and Liverpool within three points of them and Southampton and Spurs a further four back, there is still a long way to go. Midweek breaks and more time to prepare may be good things for the Gunners, who cannot afford to miss out on a spot in the Champions League group sage for next season.

Allows them to concentrate on FA Cup


A semi-final awaits with Reading, which should, on paper at least, mean that the Gunners will reach the final and have a great chance of defending their FA Cup champions status. The Champions League may be more glamorous, but there’s no substitute for silverware, and the odds suggest that the domestic trophy may be more attainable.