Trio of Arsenal stars show off their outrageous skill in this unreal video

Jack Wilshere and Laurent Koscielny aren’t players that you would normally associate with being able to pull off an outrageous piece of skill, but in this video they pull it all out of the bag.

They’re joined by Alex Iwobi, who is no stranger to a cheeky trick, as the trio show off just how much they have in their locker that they aren’t showing us.

The video serves as a tutorial to viewers looking to emulate their Arsenal heroes.

Laurent Koscielny, shows off an¬†absolutely ridiculous rabona, claiming that he just pulled it off one day in training. We aren’t sure that we believe you Laurent…

Jack Wilshere shows off a silky turn that we’ve seen him pull off in a number of games, and he says that isn’t about skill; but more about precision and timing with the ball at your feet.

Alex Iwobi shows off a trick that he learnt playing FIFA, knocking the ball with ease through the legs of Laurent Koscielny.

The video ends with the trio having a completion to see how many times they can get the ball into a washing machine from about 18 yards out…which Alex Iwobi unsurprisingly wins.

Check out the full video below, and marvel in the outrageous skill of these three Arsenal pro’s.