Wenger Will Resist Rushing Wilshere Back

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that despite the temptation, he will not rush Jack Wilshere back from injury after the midfielder appeared for the Under-21’s on Monday.

The England midfielder is set for another run out in an Under-21 game after his appearance against West Brom, before he is even considered for a spot in the first team squad.

Wenger though does understand that he doesn’t want to be over-cautious as Wilshere’s introduction to the squad could be a catalyst for an improved season.

“Jack needs a few games, progressive build-up to get his body used again to competition, to shocks, to fights, but he is doing extremely well, the situation looks very good,” Wenger told The Sun.

“We have to be cautious, not crazy, because of his talent you are always pushed in a situation where you would like to rush him back, and we have to resist that.”