What’s the point in England targeting Arsene Wenger as Hodgson’s replacement?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Reports suggest that the floundering English FA are to talk to Arsenal’s manager, Arsene Wenger and to take his views on becoming the next England boss.

The question that springs immediately to mind is simply – why? The Gunners boss will not want to take the England job. He won’t have all of the things he craves and has at Arsenal. He wants complete control, and he won’t have that.

He’ll miss the day to day involvement with the players and the youth teams. The jurisdiction of being able to put over his philosophy and to instil that into a set of players that ultimately changes as players retire and receive recognition and inclusion.

There is also an element of growing support within the Arsenal fanbase for Wenger to go, as the Gunners continue to be bridesmaids rather than the bride every season. Has the magic worn away?

Without being an anti-European – Wenger is French and the national boss really should be English.

Is this just another example of the FA not knowing what they are doing and splashing around in the ocean of bewilderment without a lifebelt?

They need to be seen to be getting this decision right for a change. The no hopers at the FA need to appoint someone to lead the no hopers on the field, and what happens next will reflect on the three men making the decision.

It’s a fair bet that outgoing FA Chairman, Greg Dyke, is inwardly chuffed to bits at not being a part of the next cabaret act.

Amongst English football fans, manager and pundits, there really is no confidence in the FA.

Martin Glenn, the FA Chief Executive, FA vice-chairman, David Gill, and the technical director, Dan Ashworth are the men who will choose the country’s next manager and it was Glenn that rather inexplicably said that he was “not a football expert” at Roy Hodgson’s last press conference. No one could have said it better.

In the wake of England’s Rugby World Cup disaster, the RFU chief executive, Ian Ritchie, appointed a panel of former players, coaches and executives to report to him on the lessons to be learned from the tournament before he took sole responsibility of appointing Eddie Jones. In effect he gambled on making the right call and Glenn should arguably do the same.

In the past we’ve had the FA tell us that McClaren was always the number one choice after Scolari publicly said no. We’ve had the FA tell us that Fabio Capello was a winner and we’ve had Hodgson over Redknapp, just as Brian Clough was overlooked back in the seventies.

The FA never appear to get it right or go about it in the right way, and nothing will change for all the gloss of committees and talking to past players, managers, etc.

Anyone that should get the job, usually gets overlooked and we accept another yes man into the position and watch as hopes build during the qualifiers, only to see it snuffed out when we get to the finals.

The FA do not have a great list of candidates. Anyone of note is already in a job and anyone English would appear to be lacking in many different areas. The FA need to admit that their list is short, unexciting and limited in most respects.

Wenger is not the answer and the FA cannot afford to wait around while the Arsenal boss decides on whether to accept a new contract, with only a year left on his current deal.

For once – choose the right man for the job and lose the old school tie image.