Which Arsenal star has been nicknamed ‘Peter Crouch’?

Football player look-alikes are something fans and the media have a lot of fun talking and writing about, with people (and cartoons) of all sorts often a resemblance to someone playing the beautiful game.

We have Chuck Norris to Andrea Pirlo, Shrek to Wayne Rooney, and countless others.

But now we have an Arsenal player that, according to his own team-mates, looks like England international striker Peter Crouch!

Gunners winger Theo Walcott has publicly revealed that the team call Monreal ‘Crouchy’ due to his similarity with the Stoke City ace, before apologising to his international colleague for the Emirates banter.

“We call Nacho ‘Crouchy’ because of the resemblance of him and Peter Crouch, sorry Crouch,” Express reports Walcott talking on BT Sport.

It remains to be seen now that Monreal’s nick-name has been exposed to the football world, whether the fans will continue calling the Spaniard as such.

However, Nacho himself has been involved in a bit of banter, with Walcott admitting that Monreal, along with Santi Cazorla, are a funny duo.

“Nacho and Santi as a duo are very good,” he added.

“Alex [Oxlade-Chamberlain] has got some good stuff. Good banter and Wojciech Szczesny is not bad as well.”

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