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Why Andrey Arshavin’s beliefs must be taken seriously

Football FanCast columnist Davis Lowe feels that clubs should take Arshavin's warning seriously.

You may love or loathe Andrey Arshavin but you'll always respect him and why his forthright views may offend some people, I personally find it refreshing in this day and age, where players tend to hide behind their agents and advisors. The day that Arshavin wants to leave Arsenal, he'll happily let them know, rather than attempt to engineer it behind their backs.

Some people don't like hearing the truth and when Arshavin says that he fully expects a large number of Premier League players will look to leave England once the new tax band is implemented, you have to concede that he is right, especially when places like Spain have favourable rates of tax in comparison. Unfortunately the days of players joining or deciding to stay for the love of the club have long since passed and it is the pound sign that dictates their future. A 27% rate in Spain is certainly more favourable than the 50% in England, therefore a move to La Liga will certainly have greater appeal.

Clearly the obvious concern about this is not only will the top players in England be looking to move on, but more significantly players are likely to think twice about coming to the Premier League, given our tax bracket, therefore our hope of maintaining our status as having the best league in the world will be severely dented if we cannot, a) attract the best players to these shores or b) keep the game's existing stars in the Premier League. It is a real dilemma that clubs are set to face and they should look to accept that Arshavin's warning is likely to become a reality.


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Article title: Why Andrey Arshavin’s beliefs must be taken seriously

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