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Why Wenger must be consulted over such issues

Football FanCast columnist Billy Pearson feels that Arsenal should ask Wenger to start grooming his eventual successor, so to make the transition a smooth one.

One thing that both Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson have in common is that their subsequent departures will leave an incredibly large hole to fill at the football club. Both men are synonymous with their clubs, in their time has changed the face of it and put it on such a pedestal that you would fear the next man that comes in will simply be on a hiding to nothing. You'll be a brave man to take one of those jobs and there are very few candidates that you feel would be qualified.

While I am certain that Ferguson will stay at United until he snuffs it, the same couldn't be said of Arsene and I really wonder if he will stay beyond his current contract. Wenger as we know keeps his cards very close to his chest, therefore it is very difficult to gauge where his future lay, but I believe his exit would prove far more significant than say perhaps Fergie's, due to the work that Wenger has put in at rebuilding the football club from top to bottom.

Arsene Wenger as we know has rebuilt the football club and is currently undergoing the work to ensure that a dynasty is in place to make sure that Arsenal always has top quality players coming through the ranks, therefore saving the club a small fortune in the future. It is the correct philosophy and one that will bear fruits if maintained, but I ask the question as to whether a new manager coming in will look to carry on this practice, or will he prefer the spend, spend approach in order to bring instant success. Surely if the board have belief in Wenger's policy, as they always claim to when interviewed, then surely the sensible thing for them is to approach Wenger and ask him to start grooming his eventual successor; I mean surely Arsene doesn't want to see all his hard work, planning and progress destroyed overnight.

I was interested to read this morning that Arsene Wenger has claimed that he won't be a part of the recruitment process to appoint his replacement. The Frenchman claims that all he hopes to do is leave his successor with a good core of players from which to choose from so they can be utilised accordingly. As I say above, surely that is a crazy approach, given a new manager might have his own plans and players in mind, so the club in my view are clearly missing a trick in not making sure that Arsene Wenger has a huge say in his successor and looking to ensure he is groomed and ready to take over from him at the very point that Wenger decides to call it a day. A smooth transition must be in the board and the current team's best interests.

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Article title: Why Wenger must be consulted over such issues

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