Will Arsenal’s returning stars signal a brighter future for the Gunners?

It has been a somewhat indifferent season for the Gunners in their quest to restore the glory days back in North London.

They have been a side who have looked seemingly unplayable on their day, but as ‘their day’ hasn’t come around as often as it might have in previous seasons, the Emirates faithful have been in partial limbo as to what direction their beloved club is heading in.

Now with the return of both Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil, who were each out for eleven and three months respectively, Arsene Wenger now has a great deal more options to explore in setting out his perfect starting XI.

It seems a shame that Gunners fans had to wait this long to see two of the greatest stars back in action, but seeing as their return is better late than never, how will their presence impact Arsenal in the second portion of the Premier League season?

Whilst fifth place is no mean feat for a side that have had their first team ravaged by injury, it is a position that will likely be deemed not good enough among the hard-core Emirates faithful. Arsenal clearly want to be winning titles, and although this season has not been an overall disappointment, largely due to the goal scoring exploits of one Alexis Sanchez, the Gunners have been far wide of challenging the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City for that Premier League top spot.

Wenger has also had to pay witness to the likes of Laurent Koscielny and Aaron Ramsey fall victim to injury, but now with an almost full contingency of players to select from in the coming weeks, Arsenal could really start to see their form improve, as well as their results. You only need to look to last weekend’s triumph over Brighton in the FA Cup to see what an affect Theo Walcott and Mesut Ozil had – they not only proved that they could score goals, but they also made the likes of Tomas Rosicky look fresh and rejuvenated in their approach to the match, even if Arsenal’s defence remained a bit shaky.

Theo Walcott, for all the doubters he has somehow amassed whilst playing for England and in the Premier League, is a player who can simply win games for his side. His pace is not matched among his counterparts, his desire to make a difference is always positive, and although some pundits have claimed he lacks a real ‘footballing brain’, Walcott’s nature in front of goal is more than deadly.

When played as a second striker, instead of a winger which he simply is not, that is when the ex-Southampton man really comes into his stride and is able to show the world what he is really about. Too often he has been left isolated on the wing, away from the danger areas that we all know he can be so effective in.

Mesut Ozil, on the other hand, has a completely different style to his game. The German World Cup winner lacks the pace and direct nature of Theo Walcott, but his composure on the ball and vision across the pitch is almost second to none. No one could accuse Ozil of not having a footballing brain, even if his relaxed style just isn’t quite the perfect fit for the English game.

With both players back on board for Arsene Wenger, Arsenal could really play out the rest of the 2014/15 campaign in true style. Even if no illustrious silverware is picked up at the end of the season, the proposed link-up play between Walcott, Ozil, and of course Sanchez, will likely prove more than entertaining for fans of the Gunners, and the Premier League in general.