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As the premier league table begins to take shape, here’s how we think it will finish

The season is shaping up well, despite the strain on the schedule due to stymied by Her Majesty’s passing. Unlike in cricket, footie fans can’t quite be trusted to show their respects through songs and so matches have been pushed back to honour the county’s loss. Perhaps it is not out of disrespect for the Queen but disregard for Charles’s accession to the throne. Whatever, either way there are going to be some delays for September’s action!

Arsenal sit at the top of the table with 15 points, despite having taken a (more than light) beating from Man U. Well, the league table that is – the odds maker’s table is taking a different shape with Liverpool and Man City looking like two honchos ready for a showdown in June. It has to be said though that the gunners certainly didn’t leave the transfer window out gunned. With the sensational Gabriel Jesus presiding over the rest of a hundred million spend, Arsenal are not out of the running to finish the league victorious.

Tottenham (and their under twenty one secret weapon) really are looking hot this year in spite of their undeservedly blank victory history. These guys are the most likely out of the unexpected wins, meaning, who would make the cup-taking the most memorable whilst realistically having a shot. Sorry Leicester, it’s not that bringing back the magic of 2015-2016 would not be memorable, it just isn’t realistic. Yes, Leicester shaped up poorly – losing almost every game so far and winning none. Chelsea beat them despite being only ten men deep for over an hour – not a good look for Leicester. It must be said though, seeing these guys at their best and when morale is running high is such a joy, it would be a genuine shame to see them relegated… even if Hotspur and Forest show them the curb in the coming weeks.

As for the end game, will this be an old tale of vengeance and standing ground between the current (and usual) suspects Liverpool and Man City? Or will there be more to it?

Well, Man United might be the underdog of the top tier… And it doesn’t seem that long ago that that phrase would have sounded insane. I’m of course talking about the Sir Alex Ferguson years. Truly golden years when you look at the stats – United won the premier league 12 times in the past thirty years and once in the last ten. This contrast shows what is at stake and the legacy that fans dream will one day be lived up to. And slashing their odds in half after the Arsenal match (and let’s not forget beating Liverpool) equally shows how promising they are this season.

Speaking of Underdogs, Brighton and Hove Albion have been the unexpected stars by pillaging a whopping thirteen points. They may not be around the top of the table in the latter stages of  the season but, in football, nothing is certain. Graham Potter is an outstanding manager who has given Brighton an explosive start to the season. Unfortunately for the seagulls however he is… a little too good perhaps and has been snapped up by Chelsea. Brighton are currently looking at replacements and hoping for some consistency with the rest of the season.

So… City. Yes the Norwegian demi-god Erling Haaland has manifested in this year’s squad to score an almighty 12 EPL goals, having smote the back of ten nets in this nascent premier league. Who knows what the future brings, maybe he even has his boot aimed at Shearer’s record. His collection of golden accolades is certainly a testament to this twenty two year old. It’s clear from his goalless performance at community shield that Haaland needs his gang, the support to sail above the rest, and this year’s city squad (perhaps even Julian Alvarez alone) is more than enough for this Viking to thrive.

Liverpool obviously want to avenge their past selves and remedy the cigar-less and oh so close last season. Although they all went to Naples to get hammered 4-1, we can focus on the Premier League and ignore any unexpected blips. They may currently be seventh but are considered to have an edge even on City when it comes to end game favourites. Indeed, Klopp could well be the new king.

Just as predicting the league’s winner can be lucrative so too can predicting its losers. All the top gambling sites will sport relegation odds. In regards to relegation, Nottingham forest and Bournemouth (who may never recover from Liverpool’s thorough gutting) may be the ones having their own showdown. That is of course if Leicester doesn’t continue to make their lives a whole lot easier. Just as predicting the league’s winner can be lucrative so too can predicting its losers.

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Article title: As the premier league table begins to take shape, here’s how we think it will finish

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