10 tweets that prove Aston Villa are the worst side to ever play in the Premier League

It’s hard to forget just how bad the Derby County team of 2007-08 performed in the Premier League, though the current incarnation of Aston Villa runs the Rams close in terms of being the worst ever.

For such a proud former titan of English football, their steady decline over the past few years has culminated in one of the most humiliating seasons of all time.

Their performance at home to Chelsea, during a 4-0 loss, could even have passed as a late April Fool’s Day joke.

But it’s no laughing matter.

There have been a number of poor decisions at boardroom level for the once proud Midlands giants, though not even the clueless suits can be blamed for the glaring inefficiencies of some of the club’s players.

Even club stalwart Gabriel Agbonlahor has let his side down, missing out today due to an investigation into his conduct while on holiday in Dubai.