Aston Villa need this manager & this manager needs Aston Villa

Let’s face it, although every other football writer, pundit, spectator and regular arm-chair fan has seen fit to criticise Aston Villa and their plight in the Premier League this season, no one will be hurting more than the Villa Park faithful themselves, with their once impressive side looking to spend the 2016/17 domestic campaign among the less than attractive realms of second-tier English football.

Both Tim Sherwood and Remi Garde looked out of their depth in the Villa dug-out, the club’s much-maligned boardroom staff arguably doomed their respective side after spending poorly across the previous summer transfer window and as for the Aston Villa players themselves – well, perhaps the least said about them, the better…

Yet as the Midlands-based outfit are now destined to reassert themselves in the Championship next season, Aston Villa are reportedly looking to land David Moyes in the not too distant future in order to save their club from a long-term future away from the bright-lights and unmistakable glamour of the Premier League.

So then, would the former Everton and Manchester United manager really consider this clearly vulnerable outfit, or does the prospect of joining up with Aston Villa in the Championship ultimately remain too much of a step down for David Moyes in the cold light of day?

Well, although the Villans are reportedly ready to offer the 52-year-old Scottish tactician a rather sizable transfer kitty in order to reclaim their once untouchable place, Moyes should wait it out before confirming his allegiances one way or another this summer…

It doesn’t take much to notice just how bad of a state Villa currently find themselves in, for although a club of this size should theoretically excel away from the constant pressure and growing sense of futility the Premier League, there are no guarantees.

This is a team that look nowhere near worthy of operating in the top-flight of English football when all is said and done. Nearly all of Aston Villa’s key under-performers could possibly struggle to fit into any of the top-half Championship sides in light of their progressively poor form this season, with the current relationship between the fans and Aston Villa playing staff remaining as hostile as its seemingly ever been.

David Moyes would nonetheless represent a smart option for the Championship-bound club looking forward, however. The former Goodison Park favourite may have failed to shine at Real Sociedad following his Manchester United mis-hap, but that doesn’t automatically mean that Moyes is all but finished within the English game.

In-fact, whilst the task of saving Aston Villa from their current plight remains anything but straightforward, Moyes could arguably go down as the ideal candidate within the grand scheme of things.

His prior experience in the English game would clearly come in useful down at Villa Park at this particular stage in the proceedings, while his ability to sign young up and coming players within the Championship could prove somewhat fruitful with all things considered. Although Aston Villa certainly fail to represent the most attractive venture for any top-flight manager currently out of the job, Moyes could nonetheless see this as the perfect opportunity to rebuild his reputation.

Aston Villa remain a widely prestigious club with a loyal fan-base ready to back their players within this undoubtedly testing period in their club’s upcoming history, so even though David Moyes could chance upon several less daunting paths of action over the summer, perhaps the future could indeed become a far more promising place for both parties looking to begin an important new chapter ahead of the 2016/17 domestic campaign…

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