Watch: Finding a Messi in Sheffield – Championship fans name their club’s answer to the GOAT

“Finding a Messi in Sheffield… bit of a tall order that!”

It certainly is – but that hasn’t stopped Blades fan, Ingood Nick and the rest of the Pl>ymaker FC squad from trying!

We asked Championship fans ‘Who is your club’s Lionel Messi’ and the responses did not disappoint.

Kian Malhi put across a compelling argument for why one of Derby’s dead ball specialists is even better than Messi whilst Brad Garside believes a certain Sheffield Wednesday player possesses all the physical attributes of the Argentinian magician even though no one will be rushing out to get his name on the back of a shirt anytime soon.

However, Thogden and Ipswich Fanzone’s Ashley – fans of relegated Bolton and Ipswich respectively – were not about to risk the wrath of the Messi Fan Club by banding in his name with anyone from their Rolodex of flops this season.

Check out the video above to see their nominations for the Championship Lionel Messi.