Bad day gets worse… England boss mocked by old enemy

If you’re a West Ham or Swansea City fan, in fact if you’re a fan of any football club in general you may well remember this clip:

This came about from a game between the Hammers and the Swans at Upton Park when Sam Allardyce was in charge of the London side.

He felt Chico Flores, the then Swansea defender, had gone down softly under a challenge and duly, when the Spaniard reacted, laughed right in his face.

Allardyce looked to have won this individual battle. He stood there, bold as brass, and made Chico look like a complete fool, but now the tables have turned.

The England manager has been caught in a sting by The Telegraph showing him apparently saying he could advise business men ways around FA rules on player transfers.

This, naturally, has led to an explosion of activity on Twitter and none more so from his old adversary, Chico, who posted this on the social media site…

We make that 1-1.