Bosman lawyer in fresh UEFA challenge

PlatiniA lawyer who helped create the Bosman ruling in 1995 is to challenge UEFA’s new Financial Fair Play regulations in court.

French lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont has lodged an official complaint with the European Commission in opposition to UEFA’s new rules, due to come into play next season.

He is representing football agent Daniel Striani, who represents a number of high-profile players across Europe, including those in the Premier League.

Europe’s governing body hope the new regulations, which sets limits on the amount of losses a club can make, will ensure all sides will eventually break even.

They also hope it will keep wages under control and prevent clubs from falling into administration or even liquidation under the weight of heavy debts. Clubs who fail to comply could ultimately face expulsion from European competitions such as the Champions League.

However, Dupont believes the regulations will hamper the growth and development of smaller clubs and maintain the status quo, playing into the hands of teams such of Manchester United, who already have large stadiums and substantial commercial income.

It would also prevent the rise of a club like Manchester City, whose owner Sheikh Mansour bankrolled an almost unprecedented spending spree on players that ultimately delivered them the 2012 Premier League title.

“A club owner is prohibited from overspending even if such overspending aims at growing the club,” he said in a statement.

Dupont was part of the legal team that defeated UEFA and the European Commission in 1995 over Belgian midfielder Jean-Marc Bosman’s desire to move clubs at the end of his contract.

They challenged football’s transfer rules at the European Court, citing restraint of trade, and helped create the Bosman ruling which allows players to move clubs freely at the end of their contract.

The European Commission confirmed it had received a complaint but would make no further comment on the case.

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