This stat proves Tom Heaton should be England’s No.1

Oh, England. The national team has always had a habit of causing the population of the country distress when it comes to football but this season has taken things up a notch- despite the fact we’ve only had to watch the Three Lions on three occasions.

With Gareth Southgate though, things could potentially change- and stats show England’s first-choice goalkeeper should be one of those alterations.

With all due respect to Joe Hart and Torino, the Italian side aren’t quite at the highest levels of club football and there’s better option to Manchester City’s on-loan man, who couldn’t catch a cold at the European Championships this summer.

Many will point to Wayne Rooney as a major problem within the squad that needs to be fixed but one statistic shown by OptaJoe this weekend suggests a shake-up between the sticks is required.

Of course, the fact that Tom Heaton had to make 11 saves in a single game might say more about Burnley’s defence than it does about the ability of the goalkeeper (who conceded three on the day) but it’s food for thought.

Maybe Joe Hart isn’t head and shoulders above the rest after all…