Can you name every league champion in English footballing history?

We all know the running battle between football fans feuding over whose club is the bigger. Even fans of clubs in the lower leagues have those furious and emotional discussions – and how do you measure ‘size’ when it comes to clubs, anyway?

Does it have something to do with revenue? Fan base? Stadium size? Surely these are terrible measures – football clubs aren’t like businesses to fans, and these discussions should never be thought of in terms of whether Adidas is bigger than Nike, for example.

So then maybe it has something to do with the amount of trophies your team has won over the years. Sporting success – that seems like a good place to start!

Everyone can remember who won the league in 2016. But can you remember who won the league in 1957?

That’s the sort of question we’re asking you today. Can you name every English footballing champion since the football league was created?

And then once you’re done, you can see how many times your club has won the league – if ever. Will that put an end to the ‘big club’ debate once and for all? Probably not.

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