Can you name the top five transfer fees paid for English players?

How closely do you keep an eye on Premier League transfers? Well you don’t need to keep much of an eye on them at all to figure out that a vast chunk of the signings made these days are foreign signings.

English players are now tarred with multiple brushes: they’re overpaid, pampered prima donnas who don’t work hard enough, they’re not technically good enough, they don’t play ‘sexy’ football.

But the worst one, given all those things, is how overpriced they are. Clubs these days know that buying an English player isn’t easy because of the price tag, and even clubs abroad don’t tend to snap up English talent because of the wage demands.

That means Premier League clubs look abroad for their players more and more, but sometimes they do stump up the cash for English talent. And when they do, boy to they pay for it!

So how well do you know these transfers? Can you name the top five? See how many you can get before the time runs out!

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