Chelsea boss slams Blues fans, defends Liverpool legend

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho appears to be waging some kind of war against his own supporters at the moment.

The Stamford Bridge chief recently claimed the Blues’ home support weren’t loud enough, and now he’s demanding they stop singing songs about Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

The Anfield skipper infamously slipped to hand Chelsea’s Demba Ba a goal, and subsequently a 2-0 victory, last season, which resulted in the Reds handing Manchester City the Premier League title despite being five points clear with three games remaining.

Chelsea fans have celebrated that moment ever since, and regularly sing: ‘Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, he fell on his f****** a***, he gave it to Demba Ba.’

But Mourinho as ordered his team’s supporters to stop singing it, claiming Gerrard deserves more respect from them.

He told MailOnline: “He’s a historic player for Liverpool, a historic player for the Premier League.
“He’s an opponent I always admired and respected. There is a song that my fans have that I don’t like at all.

“A couple of times it’s good fun but to go and go and go, especially when a player like him deserves respect, we don’t need that.”

Well played, Jose. But something tells me Chelsea fans will be ignoring their ‘Special One’ when the two side’s come face-to-face at Anfield in the Capital One Cup semi-final on Tuesday night.