Chelsea fans embarrass themselves again; Twitter loses patience

Chelsea fans are hardly a respectable bunch, are they? This time, they have taken to pelting coins at players who are, literally, kids.

As Manchester City equalised quickly after the Blues had taken the lead, the referee had to retrieve several coins from the area the players had been celebrating in. Seems odd to complain about ticket prices and then literally throw your money away (but that’s not the point!).

The Blues are quickly building a reputation for themselves as Neanderthals and it will be hard to shake off. An embarrassment and a shambles, the fans’ frustrations at how poor their team has been should not be shown in this way and the FA must clamp down – after a similar incident yesterday.

Quite. Grown man assaulting teenagers, not a good look.

At least some could put a bit of whimsy into the occasion..

Clearly saw the idiot doing this yesterday and thought ‘that’s a cracking idea, I’d love to get myself a 10 year ban!’.

It obviously isn’t all Chelsea fans, but making a song about Gerrard isn’t exactly the same thing as coin throwing or racism…

It gives all fans a bad names, still, unfortunately.