Chelsea keeper fools Liverpool skipper by replicating world number one

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has joined the trend of stars trying to replicate Bayern Munich’s Manuel Neuer in leaving his post behind and entering play outside his own penalty box, even successfully evading Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard.

It seems that ever since Neuer was given praise for his ability to rush far out of his line, keepers around the world have been using him as an example in their efforts to one day be named the best in the world for the position between the sticks.

Watch below as Courtois receives a back pass from Blues skipper John Terry and instead of doing the usual safety first clearance most players expect, the Belgium star took the ball pass an incoming Gerrard before clearing it down the pitch.

If he can continue his good form and showcase his ability to do more than just be a keeper, the 22-year-old will be well on his way to earning himself in place in the FIFPro World XI ‘Team of the Year’.