Chelsea legend & Man City star says salary cap impossible

Manchester City midfielder and Chelsea hero Frank Lampard is not sure that a salary cap can be introduced into modern football to cut back on the excess spending in the game.

The BBC’s Price of Football survey today revealed the true extent of the money involved in England’s top four divisions and the cash regular fans have to part with to watch their teams.

The report revealed that 71p of every £1 clubs make is spent on players’ wages, with high profile stars such as Wayne Rooney and Radamel Falcao at Manchester United rumoured earning salaries of over £300,000-per-week.

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And Lampard – who ranked third on a list of the richest English footballers in 2013 – believes that a salary cap cannot be introduced in a bit reduce the vast sums sloshing around in the sport:

“I don’t know if there is a legal minefield on that one,” he is quoted by BBC Sport.

“It might be something they look at but I don’t know whether it is possible.”

But ‘Lamps’ – who is set to head to New York City FC in 2015 on a lucrative deal – says that he is concerned for average football fans:

“If there aren’t fans in the stadiums creating those atmospheres, which we get the best in the world of in England, then you’re not going to get that generation of TV money as well,” he said.

“But from being at Chelsea recently and Manchester City now, two of the biggest clubs, they are making big strides.

“They are trying to freeze prices. They are trying to put layers in to encourage people from whatever background to be able to come.”