Chelsea & Liverpool ‘hero’ up to his old tricks

Fernando Torres used to be, arguably, the best striker on the planet. Between 2007 – 2010, the Spaniard was virtually unplayable, with a mixture of pace, power and ice cool composure in front of goal making him the complete package.

So it’s quite sad to see that he’s been shunted around, made the punch line in sooooo many jokes and generally just forgotten about. Shifted away on loan from Chelsea to AC Milan last summer, Torres once again failed to live up to his former glories, causing the Italians to buy him with a view to shipping him straight off to Atletico Madrid in January, the club he burst onto the scene with as a youngster.

Initially it all looked good for ‘El Nino’, with the goals slowly flowing back into his game and confidence returning to his once forlorn face. However, he’s been back up to his old tricks this afternoon, making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The Atleti man seemed to get his bearings mixed up, netting an own goal against Malaga that looked almost deliberate! What is going on?!