Anyone order a Chinese? Chelsea boss crashes fans’ takeaway

A Chelsea fan found Jose Mourinho’s face in his Chinese takeaway ahead of the Blues’ disappointing 1-1 draw with Maribor last night.

Eddie Walter, a 24 year old insurance broker from Clapham, found the image of his football icon etched on to a Chinese wonton while tucking in to a takeaway prior to the game against Maribor last night.

He initially tweeted his shock at the discovery…


Then 15 minutes before the game he posted a screen grab of a betting slip showing his £1,000 outlay on CFC to win the UCL at 6/1:


Betfair got involved in a Twitter conversation with their customer who decided to place a punchy bet as a result of the discovery. It turns out it’s not the first time Eddie has put an unusually high stake on his team. In 2012 Walter bet friends that he would have the CFC logo tattooed on to his chest should they win the Champions League, and the trusty fan stuck to his word proving his dedication to the beautiful game.

Walter, a goalkeeper for a Sunday league team, commented “I was literally just settling into a Chinese takeaway in front of the pre match build-up, a bit of a weekly ritual for me. I dropped a wonton on the floor and as I went to pick it up, 3 second rule, I saw Jose’s face just sitting there. Thank god I didn’t eat it! It’s sitting pride of place in my kitchen at the moment, not sure it will last till the final though…”

When asked why he decided to put such a large stake on Chelsea to win the Champions league this early in the tournament, Walter replied

“To be honest I’ve been meaning to put a bet on for the last couple of weeks now, I think we’re in a really good position this season and we can definitely do the league and Champions league double if we keep it up. I’ve never put such a big stake on no, but when I saw this, just before the game against Maribor, I knew I had to go big!

“If they win I’ll make £6,000 profit. And even when they get to the semis, if I panic I can Cash Out and still make a profit, either way I’m laughing!”

Betfair spokesperson, Naomi Totten, added: “I’m not a Chelsea fan myself, and I’m not sure I knew what a wonton was before this, but the punter has clearly gone with his gut on this one. We’ve got our fingers crossed for him.”