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Chelsea: Are they really too good to go down?

It’s pretty simple really… the Blues are 16th in the table and are just three points off relegation and we are already a third of the way into the new season. Furthermore Chelsea have the same number of points and more defeats than Hull City had this time last year, and The Tigers were relegated. They also have an inferior goal difference to Hull’s doomed team. Isn’t it obvious? Chelsea are one hundred percent in a relegation battle.

The last time Chelsea lost seven of their first 12 matches in a season (in 1979) they were relegated. Literally all of the stats are against the Londoners, so how come no one seems to believe that Chelsea could be relegated come May?

Maybe it’s because they won the title last season, or perhaps it’s because Jose Mourinho is in charge, although at the moment that seems more like a hindrance. In a few months’ time, when Chelsea are languishing at the bottom of the table, Roman Abramovich is going to rue the fact that Chelsea missed out on Sam Allardyce to save their season.

Mourinho has never been in a relegation battle before, the Portuguese is arguably the most ill-equipped manager to handle a demotion dogfight out of all of his competitors. Allardyce, Steve McCalren and Eddie Howe all have experience in this department.

One thing a team needs to stave off relegation is a good team spirit or camaraderie. However Chelsea’s arrogance, which has created the problem in the first place, has prevented them from fighting or scrapping for points as the truly desperate teams do. A Mourinho team has never stooped so low, although considering Chelsea’s lowly position, perhaps it’s time for Mourinho to take a leaf out of Big Sam’s book and delve into the archives of 19th Century football to find his winning formula.

Jose’s scapegoating is a luxury he can no longer afford. At the top, Mourinho could say what he liked, because it didn’t affect his team’s performance on the pitch. However his attempts to manipulate the media are growing more and more futile as it becomes apparent that the Portuguese has little in the way of a plan B.

Chelsea’s bus has broken down and Eden Hazard looks more like a Real Sociedad player than a Real Madrid player. Speaking of which, David Moyes is out of a job, perhaps the Scotsman could resurrect Chelsea like he did with Everton and build a sustainable future for Abramovich’s empire?

Chelsea only conceded one goal against Stoke City last Saturday, which represents an improvement on their recent performances in the Premier League this season. The more pressing issue seems to be scoring goals, although the signs are that Chelsea’s star striker Diego Costa, is unable to penetrate the hideous odours of the Premier League’s top defences. The Spanish international expressed his disgust with the Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross and his apparent lack of personal hygiene. Many have since speculated what types of odours handicap Costa the most, with the majority identifying that a cheese-like smell is the most effective, although others have suggested a vinegar smell is more detrimental to the striker.

A team’s deliberate neglect of personal hygiene is just one of the many tactics that Chelsea will have to acclimatise to if they are going to survive their relegation battle. The quicker Chelsea realise they could be relegated; the more likely they are to save their season. So it’s time for the Blues to swallow their pride and knuckle down like the rest of their rivals.

Article title: Chelsea: Are they really too good to go down?

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