Chelsea boss avoids ‘pressure’ question

Interim Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez

After Chelsea‘s defeat to Newcastle United¬†on Saturday it is fair to say that the focus was on Rafa once again as he has failed to secure another win. The interim boss has now just 24 points from 13 games, two less than what Di Matteo had when he was sacked by the Blues.

Interim boss Rafa Benitez was interviewed immediately after his team lost to Newcastle United this weekend but concentrated on speaking about the game and not about the pressure mounting on his management position. When asked about the situation Rafa told BBC Sport¬†that his “team had to manage the pressure”.

“I think there were too many mistakes. I could see a red card that was not shown for Coloccini,” said Benitez.

“So we had a chance, he [Demba Ba] had the ball, he received a kick and got a broken nose, it was bleeding. It was so simple, if it was in the middle of park you would go back and give a free-kick.

“It is very simple and very clear – penalty and red card because it was a chance. It’s a strange rule and the penalty could have changed everything.”

Despite the result, Benitez reiterated that he was happy with his side’s performance and that he was impressed with the second half in particular, even though a late Sissoko strike gave the Magpies all three points.

“The reaction of our team in the second half was fantastic,” he added.

“We were reacting really well, we scored two goals, the team was doing really well.”

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