Chelsea boss hints at signing that got away

Jose Mourinho only admitted last week that he was close to signing Steven Gerrard during his first spell as Chelsea boss.

The Liverpool midfielder famously decided to remain at his boy hood club before announcing two weeks ago that he will be leaving for the MLS and the end of the season.

Mourinho had a similar problem last summer when he lost midfielder Frank Lampard to the MLS, only to watch helplessly as Lampard return on loan to title rivals Manchester City only a few weeks later.

Lampard always said he wouldn’t play for anyone else in the Premier League, but is now becoming a major threat to Chelsea’s title chances.

And last night Mourinho appeared to have a dig at Lampard but reiterating the respect he has for Gerrard following the two side’s Capital One Cup semi-final, first-leg draw at Anfield.

And then he joked about signing Gerrard on loan shortly after he leaves Liverpool. Surely both a dig at Lampard’s loyalty and an admittance that Gerrard was always the one that got away from him…