Chelsea fans discuss John Terry red card

John Terry’s 50th FA Cup appearance for Chelsea didn’t quite turn out how the veteran defender would have hoped, as he earned a second-half dismissal during the Blues’ 4-1 third-round victory over Peterborough United.

Now facing a suspension, and having already found it difficult to force his way into the first-team since Antonio Conte took charge, Terry’s opportunities for the second-half of the season are looking increasingly bleak.

Having come close to leaving Chelsea in the summer, before signing a one year deal, Terry’s appearance yesterday was likely to be just one of a few opportunities coming to the way of Chelsea’s long-serving captain and we may not see him again for a while.

Naturally, social media was there to discuss the situation and Chelsea fans weren’t too impressed with what they saw- although they reserved their criticisms for the referee.

In a week where refereeing has been brought under intense scrutiny, we’re now left with another decision to debate.