Chelsea owner’s finger must stay off the trigger… but that may have to change in January

At Stamford Bridge, the crisis that seems to have engulfed Chelsea since the opening weeks of the season shows little to no signs of abating. The team is performing badly collectively as a unit, while individual players who were brilliant last year are simply not performing to anywhere near the same level. Lying adrift near the bottom of the league table, out of the League Cup and with qualifying from their Champions League group still in the balance (despite a much-needed win against Dynamo Kiev), things are looking very bleak indeed for Jose Mourinho. On top of this, he has to deal with a savage press who suddenly seem to be out for his head, what he perceives to be unjust refereeing decisions and the Eva Carneiro incident, which just appears to be running on and on behind the scenes and no doubt causing him a large headache. With all this for him to contend with, some are starting to ask a question that six months ago would have been unthinkable – is it time for Jose to go?

At the moment, personally, I would say no. I believe Mourinho easily has enough credit in the bank to last him until at least until January, when if things are still going just as badly then Roman Abramovich can think about the situation. Chelsea could well simply write this season off when it comes to a title challenge and put all their efforts into the Champions League and the FA Cup, in which case it would be success (or lack of) in those competitions that Mourinho would be judged on. As it is, Abramovich must surely not even consider, no matter how badly things may be going, sacking Mourinho before the start of the transfer window. He has accomplished so much in his time at Chelsea so far that he deserves at least five or six months leeway before questions start being asked of his management.

If in January, they are out of the Champions League, still in the same bottom half of the Premier League and maybe get knocked out of the FA Cup, then I can see the situation coming to a head. However, until that point I strongly believe Mourinho should be given the chance to rectify what has been an appalling start to the season. For a start, there is no one better than him available who would be able to make a big difference immediately. Pep Guardiola is seemingly very content at Bayern Munich, and all the other big names are also unsuitable or unavailable. While there are of course those who suggest that many managers would be able to take Chelsea higher than 15th in the Premier League, I believe it is more a case of poor individual performances than poor tactics and management that explains why they are where they are in the table.

In short, Mourinho has done it time and time again for Chelsea and deserves the chance to set the current situation right. While it has admittedly been an abysmal start to the season for the Stamford Bridge side, (compared to most recent seasons at least), they must trust that the man who has delivered them so many trophies over the years will get them out of trouble once again here.