Chelsea star loves fast cars and Loose Women

Frank Lampard - Chelsea

No, this article is not about John Terry.

Despite the prejudices inevitably induced by the headline, this story is not about the Chelsea captain, but about his slightly more low key team mate, Mr. Frank Lampard.

Chelsea’s highest scoring player of all time recently appeared on the talk show hosted by a board of dolled-up, menopausal women to promote the release of his series of children’s books, called Frankie’s Magic Football.

Now, there’s a lot to grab on to here. Firstly, what made Frankie Lamps start writing children’s books? The man is rumoured to have 150 sparkling IQ-points at his command, yet a series of children’s books, with the premise of a kid who fights bad guys with the aid of his magic football, striking most of us as a bigger surprise than another JT/actual loose women story.

Anyway, Lamps has stepped into a territory not as uncharted as you might think. His England team mate Theo Walcott’s T.J series has been on sale for nearly three years, tackling such intricate issues as penalties and hat-tricks. It’s tempting to assume that these releases are more autobiographical than what they are promoted as.

Lampard spoke at length about his business at the talk show. Watch the link below.

[youtube BdNK5Xvg71c]