Chelsea striker is so bad it’s good

Oh Fernando, how could you?

It’s seems the Torres misery saga will never end. Ever since the £50m move he’s appeared a man cursed. Flashes over brilliance come and gone only to leave behind the mediocre and sometimes the terrible. Saturday’s game was the terrible. The game did a good job of summing up much of Torres’ post-Liverpool career. While the Chelsea striker managed to score it’s his ability to miss that fascinates us.

And what a miss it was. The audacity of the lob is comical given the poorness of its execution. Some may muse that the confidence to attempt the shot is a sign that the striker is back. I won’t.

The 2014 Torres seems fundamentally a different player from the one that we witnessed at Liverpool. Whatever is was – pump, suave, swag – it doesn’t appear to be there anymore so we shouldn’t expect to see the player of before. And that’s a real shame.

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