Chelsea: the ultimate armchair team? 33% of their fans haven’t seen them at home

Chelsea fans get some stick. The Blues’ rise, funded by Roman Abramovich’s roubles, has drawn a lot of hate, most of which has been probably based on jealousy.

Naturally, success brings new fans, and Chelsea have certainly grown in popularity over the last 10 or so years. However, research from EveryFan, who quizzed in excess of 2,000 football followers, gives us some pretty damning insights into the club’s support.


There are the caveats of the London setting and the spiralling cost of doing just about anything in the capital. But it’s been revealed that a third of Chelsea fans have never seen a game at Stamford Bridge, while the average supporter lives a whopping 60 miles from the club’s home ground – both of which are the highest of the six London-based clubs in the Premier League.

As well as this, Chelsea are the least supported London club within the city and surrounding area. However, it isn’t bad news for the club’s money men, with the average supporter spending £64-a-season on official merchandise.