Chelsea win the game, lose their wallets

Chelsea's baseChelsea have been in contact with the police after six wallets, nine mobile phones and several watches were stolen from their training ground in Cobham, according to The Daily Mail.

This incident is the latest in a long-line of controversial episodes to occur at the Blue’s base.

A club spokesman said, “A number of personal items were recently stolen from the academy dressing room area.” The spokesman added, “The matter is currently being investigated by police. CCTV footage is being handed to them and confirms the thefts were carried out by a lone intruder not connected with the training ground site.”

The spokesman also confirmed that preceding the incident, the police were aware of unusual activity around the area, “Other local premises near to the training ground were targeted that day and may be connected. Nobody at Chelsea FC is under suspicion.”

Although this is the first incident in which an alleged complaint over theft has been made, there have been various cases in which players have complained about cash going missing from the wallets left in their changing rooms in recent months.

The Cobham training ground is quickly becoming a bit of a hoodoo for the Premier League leaders. Eighteen months ago defender Ashley Cole was warned by the police after the thirty-one year old shot an intern with an air gun.

This was followed by reports of a knife found in the club’s academy dressing room, which turned out to mislaid there by a workman.  To add to this, 21-year-old Jacob Mellis – now of Barnsley – was fired by the club after he provoked a full-scale evacuation of the club by setting of a smoke bomb. To compound the training ground misery, members of Chelsea’s staff damaged the European crown that the Blues won in May after posing with the trophy without being given permission.

Unfortunately for Wolves, yesterday’s incident failed to make an impact on Chelsea as Roberto Di Matteo’s men displayed a scintillating brand of football to dismantle one of the stronger Championship teams in the Capital One Cup last night. Victor Moses opened his account for Chelsea in a 6-0 thrashing over the West Midlands outfit.