Chelsea’s Christmas Cracker!

Following the Merseyside Derby last night, football fans now have the Christmas festivities sandwiching (that’s enough about food already!) their next fix of Premier League action.

Of course, this is the time that you are forced (well, in some cases anyway) to spend time with your immediate and extended family, when you’d much rather be at a footy match or watching one on TV – especially Chelsea fans following their eleven-match winning run.

While you have presents (hopefully some football-related gifts) and more food than you know what to do with to try and keep you distracted on Christmas Day, if you can’t handle the wait until Boxing Day for the return to action of football then we have a festive tradition to keep you occupied – a good old Christmas Cracker.

Indeed, this Xmas-in-one-gallery includes a classic football-based teaser, a randomly picked, but nonetheless scintillating, wonder-strike and an intriguing statistic to impress the family with around the Christmas table.

So, without further ado, have a pull on Chelsea’s Christmas Cracker!