Chelsea’s cut-price sale is the most depressing thing we’ve seen this month

It was a depressing December for Chelsea fans. Not only are they in a real relegation battle, but they lost a club hero in circumstances which angered the fans.

Jose Mourinho was sacked only months after bringing the Premier League crown back to Stamford Bridge after a terrible start to the season, but the lingering feeling around the club faithful seemed to be that the players were to blame, and that they were the ones letting the manager down.

Whatever the truth behind that, Mourinho had the support of the fans until the end, and they were sad to see their fallen hero depart.

With that in mind, how depressing must it be to be a Chelsea fan walking into the club shop today only to find Jose Mourinho posters heavily discounted and being flogged for only £1!

Clearly, with The Special One one of the most popular figures amongst the fans, there was a high demand for Mourinho merchandise during his time in charge, but now it seems that the Chelsea club shop is just trying to squeeze every last ounce of juice out of their departed manager.

Soon, the last remnants of Mourinho’s reign at Chelsea will be gone for good, and with prices slashed, you’d better hurry down to Stamford Bridge if you want one!