Could a shock move to bring back this ace work for Chelsea?

“It was brilliant to play at Chelsea and I had a good reception,

“They know I’m a good player but that I want to develop so I can eventually get back to playing for a club like Chelsea.

“I don’t have a secret ambition to rejoin — there are other clubs in the world. I just want to grow as a player and eventually arrive at a top club again.”

Maybe a move back to Chelsea could happen? Stranger things in the sport have occurred… These are, of course, the words of Romelu Lukaku, whose Everton honeymoon appears to be over, with the highs of last season firmly in the rear view mirror as the Toffees struggle week in, week out for results.

Would a shock offer to get Lukaku back to the Bridge make some season? Possibly, and here are FIVE reasons why…



Despite being axed once by Chelsea and having already won over 30 international caps for Belgium, Lukaku is still just 21. The burly striker may look more like he’s approaching 30 given his bulky frame and pure power on the pitch, but he is still in the formative years. A first-teamer from his late teens with Anderlecht, he boasts plenty of experience at the highest level, too.



His form may have dipped a little this term, but over the past few years Lukaku has been pretty decent in front of goal. His performances at West Brom were significant in terms of boosting his profile and reputation, but his showings last term during a loan stint at Goodison Park were, perhaps, more impressive.

In a team performing well, as Everton were last term, Lukaku has a proven record, and few English sides are currently going about their business than the Blues.

‘Baby Drogba’


Drogba may finally end his career when the last whistle of this season sounds, so replacing him is something the Blues may need to do. Admittedly getting Lukaku back would be a shock, but he has long been compared to Drogba, with their impressive physiques and raw power not dissimilar.

Not as complete a player as ‘Drog’, Lukaku is still young and could well grow if around better team-mates.

Knows the club


Lukaku and Mourinho’s relationship may be a little on the frosty side, but the forward does have knowledge of the workings of Stamford Bridge. It can often take arrivals a little time to adapt to the dynamic of a new club and the area they’re in, bit with the Belgian having done it all before, he may find the transition smooth.

Nemanja Matic appears to be proof that going back can often lead to moving forward…

Chance of a cheap deal


Even though Chelsea made a profit on Lukaku by selling him to Everton last year in a £28m deal, they could yet again do some financially wise business by drafting him back in for a lower fee. Everton are unlikely to get even close to the Champions League this term and are not a club renowned for ‘money muscle’, and if Lukaku does push for a move their stance in negotiations could be a little on the weak side.