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Does this out of sorts Chelsea star really deserve all the recent criticism?

Even though Tottenham Hotspur represent one of the Premier League’s in-form sides at the moment, the Stamford Bridge faithful can’t be overly happy with Chelsea’s performance against Spurs last weekend.

The Blues looked utterly void of goal-scoring form throughout the entirety of the match – but considering the fact that Jose Mourinho opted to play not a single recognised striker within his starting XI, maybe such an outcome shouldn’t arrive as much of a surprise.

One man who once again failed to produce the goods for Chelsea was the increasingly forlorn figure of Eden Hazard. For one reason or another, things just haven’t clicked for the Belgian international out on the pitch this season…

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So, considering the negative attention Jose Mourinho’s side have seemingly drawn in abundance recently, has the 24-year-old play-maker been somewhat harshly treated this term, or does Eden Hazard indeed deserve all the relevant criticism that has come his way?

Well, even though Chelsea’s current plight has in-fact become the source of great amusement for some, it must be said that the Blues certainly looked a lot stronger against Tottenham.

Mourinho’s boys still lacked any sort of threat in front of goal, but signs of improvement where nevertheless in place.

In regards to Hazard specifically, he too seemed a lot more up for this particular fixture than he has done for large portions of the current campaign. The former Lille man was beginning to show some glimpses of his full potential that certainly proved so effective last season, even if nothing truly meaningful happened to materialise for the attacker in the end.

However, whilst the Chelsea no. 10 can’t really be criticised for the effort he displayed at White Hart Lane, surely a lot more can be expected from someone of his supposed worth. Whilst no Chelsea fan out there may need reminding of the rather inconvenient fact any time soon, Eden Hazard is still yet to record a single goal in any competition this season.

Although poor form seemingly impacts every great player at least some stage across their lengthy careers, Hazard simply can’t be considered a truly world class asset on the back of such an outcome. It seems many Chelsea fans – and regular football supporters alike – were wrong in their initial evaluations of the star, for he simply isn’t as good as all the early praise may have first eluded to.

The front-man is failing to enjoy the same level of leniency from referees as he first experienced upon introducing himself within the English top-flight, he still falls to ground way too easily instead of fighting for possession of the ball like a warrior – and as the entire Chelsea squad seem to have been found out somewhat after their glorious title winning campaign last season, Hazard’s prior match winning abilities now seem like a rather temporary excursion.

Yes, he alone is not exclusively to blame for what has gone so dramatically wrong down at Stamford Bridge this term, for Jose Mourinho himself really could have handled his managerial duties with a little more efficiency. The current season also remains far from over at this stage, so there is definitely enough time left for Hazard to turn his side’s fortunes around should he have enough character to do so.

But even with such a reassuring notion in mind for the current Belgian international, the 24-year-old’s performances this term have still been unmistakably below par. He has been part of a whole manner of different problems in SW6 this season, and although the attacker did in-fact turn up against Tottenham, more work simply needs to be done by the player himself.

Eden Hazard may not quite deserve all the relevant criticism that has recently come his way of late, but his own individual performances have nonetheless been unquestionably substandard on the whole. There’s ultimately no getting away from that.

Perhaps the entire saga surrounding this once mercurial midfielder just goes to show how quickly some people are to raise certain phrases such as ‘world class’ and ‘legendary’, before the actual recipients of their claims are truly worthy of such bold remarks in the first place. Without the application of proper perspective, football fans are bound to fall frustrated one way or another.

Article title: Does this out of sorts Chelsea star really deserve all the recent criticism?

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