Finally! Proof of the conspiracy against Chelsea!

Jose Mourinho is having a tough time, we all know that.

Defeats, player revolts, fights with the board, fights with the media, unflattering stories, bans, fines, exasperations, decisions going the wrong way. You name the stress and Mourinho has had it dumped on his head from a great height. No wonder his hair is so grey.

But sometimes, though we hate to admit it, Jose Mourinho has a point. Just sometimes.

Chelsea v Dynamo Kiev – LIVE

Over the last few weeks he’s been complaining about a conspiracy against Chelsea, over the last few months, really. Jose just can’t catch a break. No one believes him. Mostly because his claims are fairly insane. The workings of a deluded mind that is just a defensive slip away from a full-on nervous breakdown.

But now we may have found proof! Just look at this clear evidence of a conspiracy against Chelsea!

We have been warned! There’s a concerted effort against Chelsea, and tonight it may just have been proved!