Five reasons Chelsea fans should be really excited by this £33m move

Breaking news revealed this morning revealed that Michy Batshuayi is on his way to Chelsea.

Marseille have reportedly accepted a bid around the £33m mark for the Belgian striker, seemingly ending the relentless speculation about the Ligue 1 hot-shot.

Relatively unknown in the UK, Batshuayi has become a recognised name in France for his exploits over the last two years.

As Chelsea fans prepare for the signing, let’s find out a little bit more about their new star striker and why Chelsea fans should look forward to his arrival

Here are FIVE reasons why Chelsea fans should be really excited by the Michy Batshuayi move…


Michy Batshuayi posses pace, and bags of it.

Whilst Diego Costa is more of a ‘smash-and-grab’ type striker, Batshuayi is known for having more technical ability, and is able to utilise his pace and dribbling to go past defenders and shoot.

Favouring a lone striker role in front of three attacking midfielders, he likes to run in behind defenders and get hold of balls delivered by those around him.

His excellent goalscoring record can be attributed to his pace, with many defenders simply unable to cope with him. During his two year spell with Marseille, he has managed to bag an impressive 26 league goals.

Target Man


Whilst he often utilises his pace, he is also renowned as an excellent target man.

Whilst aerial ability is not his strong suit, he is very capable of getting a long ball from deep and holding on to it whilst he waits for his team-mates to get up alongside him.

Chelsea often struggled last year holding on to the ball whilst playing a team with a deep defence, so it is easy to see why they are looking towards the Belgian starlet.

Belgian Connection


Something important to mention is that he is also a part of the Belgian national team, meaning he already has a relationship with a number of Chelsea stars, most notably Thibaut Courtois and Eden Hazard.

On a basic level, they will help him adjust to the league immediately, but what is more important is that he already recognises and knows how to play alongside them.

Hazard struggled last year, and some of this could certainly be put down to a lack of chemistry between him and his team-mates; and in Batshuayi he will have someone that he knows and enjoys playing alongside.

He should be able to come in and hit the ground running immediately.

The Form of Chelsea Strikers


To understand Michy Batshuayi will bring to the club; you first have to look at why he is being brought in in the first place.

Last season was a very poor one for Chelsea’s strikers. Diego Costa came to life slightly towards the end of the year, but for the most part the trio of Loic Remy, Radamel Falcao and Alexandre Pato were invisible.

Chelsea are in desperate need of some attacking quality, with all three of those players likely to have left by the time 2016/17 kicks off, and Batshuayi has that in droves.

Whilst he is still a relatively raw talent, he has scored goals everywhere that he has been, and working with the quality of players that Chelsea have, the only way is up for the young Belgian.



We’ve already discussed how good Batshuayi is right now; but you also have to remember that he is just 22.

He is certainly a signing for the present, but going forward his potential is simply endless.

He has always known where the goal is, but with more experience his technical ability and on the field know-how will begin to improve, and he will surely turn into a better all-round player.

Given the opportunity to play alongside a player like Diego Costa will only be a good thing for the young Belgian, and over the next few years Chelsea fans can expect him to grow into quite the player.