Fear of being a one-season wonder

In fairness to Costa, those who are concerned about his likely ‘one-season wonder’ tag should look to his form last year, a season in which he scored 20 goals across all competitions. At that point, it became clear Atletico had a very good player on their hands. It was to an extent where Costa became the focus of Atletico’s attack, even ahead of Radamel Falcao.
But this is the season where Costa’s form shot him to stardom across Europe. It saw a scramble to secure his allegiance from two of the leading nations in world football, and it will culminate in a chase for his signature come the end of the season.
But Costa is a late bloomer. It may very well be that this is a one off, as we’ve seen from players in the past. Spain is by no means an easy league to score in, yet there is an argument to say it’s harder to adapt and score in England.
Whatever the outcome of this summer’s transfer saga is, there will be doubts as to whether Costa can replicate this season’s outstanding form.