Five things Chelsea could learn from Tottenham…

Despite all the spending and big names in Chelsea’s squad, they fell well off the pace in the battle for London supremacy last season.

Spurs’ late season collapse didn’t dampen the celebrations in North London, as they finished third, one of their best finishes in living memory. Although they fell short of Arsenal in the final standings, there is plenty for Spurs fans to be optimistic of ahead of the new campaign.

Chelsea also have a cheeky smile on their collective faces ahead of the season, as Antonio Conte continues to build a unit that might just have the resilience to compete for top four spots once again.

The Blues have had their fair share of ups and downs over the past decade and they could yet enter somewhat of a rut if things don’t go quite to plan with Antonio Conte.

How can Chelsea stop this happening? Learning from Tottenham of course…

Nurturing the kids

Harry Kane

Don’t worry about all the trophy winning at Stamford Bridge in the Abramovich era. None of it really counts until they have produced a player from the academy, a la Spurs.

Of course, it is much more important to pluck the next player out for a Capital One Cup clash against Rochdale than it is to win trophies and Spurs have been just fantastic at giving their youngsters a chance.

On a serious note, Chelsea could do with looking to their academy more regularly.

Long-term success


Success is simply synonymous with Tottenham Hotspur. The club has a rich record of winning trophies throughout their history and bring silverware home on a regular basis.

Chelsea’s weak recent trophy collection is embarrassing relatively. With just the Champions League and a scattering of Premier League titles gathering dust, it is nothing compared to that League Cup that Tottenham won.

If Conte is to be a success (after winning three consecutive Italian league titles) he must look at Tottenham’s blueprint for success.

That’s Entertainment

Antonio Conte

Under Jose Mourinho Chelsea have rarely entertained the spectator.

The only joy in watching Chelsea under Mourinho was often his ability to make a meal out of the smallest of indiscretions by the referee, rather than any fluid football on show.

Antonio Conte’s teams will be rigorously structured, well-drilled and competitive, so it’s unlikely we will be seeing any flowing football at Stamford Bridge this season either.

If you want that, head to White Hart Lane…

Use that cash…

Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City - Barclays Premier League

Particularly during last season, Chelsea were abysmal with all their riches.

The transfers that were made deserved parodying, whilst the players missed out on were just as hilarious.

That looks like it may change this year and it might be because they’ve taken a leaf out of Tottenham’s book.

How can they not admire the transfer business of Spurs after overwhelming successes like Roberto Soldado, Vlad Chriches, Paulinho and Clinton N’Jie.

Full English

Dele Alli (centre)

English players are the best in the world, aren’t they?

After England’s wonderful performances at the Euros, it’s surely time that Chelsea turned to some of John Terry’s compatriots to fill their team with some ‘passion’ and ‘desire’.

Tottenham had that good ol’ English grit last season and it paid dividends in the big games.