Have Chelsea missed a beat with this Dortmund signing?

You have to admit, Borussia Dortmund’s squad for the upcoming season looks extremely strong indeed.

They seem to have gotten over the departure of Jurgen Klopp with relative ease as Thomas Tuchel looks to lead the German giants into a new era of success. A squad full of stars, a stadium full of optimistic fans- Dortmund are looking quite the part going into the upcoming season.

And one man that has joined the next wave of Dortmund talent is Andre Schurrle, who completed a move to the Westfalenstadion earlier this week. Off course, many of us know the German international from his time with Chelsea but since then, he’s been plying his trait with fellow German giants Wolfsburg, where he was extremely popular.

Which leads many fans to question this, have Chelsea missed a beat after their former winger joined one of the best sides in the world? Well, in a simple answer, yes, they might have.

Lets face it, you don’t get a move to Borussia Dortmund by accident or fluke. Since cementing their place in world football over the past decade or so, there are fewer sides that can boast the facilities and support that Die Borussen can. They’re one of the most supported, most established sides in Germany and are thought to be one of handful that can break apart the dominance displayed by Bayern Munich season after season.

With him Schurrle will bring pace, direction and a respectable ability to score goals from the wing, or even behind the striker. 41 appearances wielded 12 goals in the season just gone for Wolfsburg, and he’s had impressive goal-to-game ratios since starting out as a junior with Mainz over seven years ago.

Where will he fit in at Dortmund? Typically, we’ll expect to see him on the wing but as aforementioned, he’s played as a CAM, behind the striker and out on the right. A reunion with Tuchel from his days managing Mainz might have something to do with the reunion, but Dortmund have signed an extremely handy player indeed.

And you have to wonder, had Chelsea tried to bring Schurrle back, or if he had stayed in the first place, whether he could have done a job for Conte.

The Italian manager has often favoured a three-back formation, with attacking full-backs acting as out-and-out wingers who also need to be fit enough to defend too. Whilst Schurrle hasn’t typically been deployed in this formation in the past, it’s clear he would have the ability to step into this role in time.

Mirror writer Ross Dunbar wrote when he was at Chelsea that Schurrle’s best ability was “his excellent fitness level, work-rate and pace,” describing another key asset as “his ability in long-distance sprinting on the counter attack”. Doesn’t this sound like he could fit the Conte way of playing? It does to us.

There is little doubt that Schurrle can go on to do extremely well at Dortmund, where he will playing with some of the worlds best.

But you can’t help but feel that Chelsea might have just let one of the most promising wingers in the world go, and one who could have found great success under their new manager.

Football, eh? It’s a funny game.