Is Chelsea really the right club now for Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho is likely to return to the Premier League

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho has been barraged with questions on his future of late and has remained as ever, cool on the speculation. Mourinho has already stated his love for the English game and that he will indeed return to the Premier League one day.  Now with Rafael Benitez stating he’s going in the summer, a return to Chelsea has never looked more likely.  However is a return to Chelsea the right choice for the ‘Special One’?

During his three year spell at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea had one of their most successful periods of all time.  With fairly new owner Roman Abramovich, Mourinho had Billions at his disposal to build a devastating team.  That’s exactly what he did, winning six trophies in three seasons (2 Premier League Titles, 1 FA Cup, 2 League Cups and 1 Community Shield).  His tenure came to a rather abrupt and unfortunate end when he fell out with Abramovich.  Mourinho left a legacy behind him, Chelsea fans adored him and Premier League watchers loved to watch his magical mind games.  One trophy that remained elusive was the Champions League, a tempting desire, but with a return comes the risk of tainting his legacy.  Mourinho created such a powerful impression at Chelsea, one that should be left to not be disturbed.

Mourinho is a manager who thrives on a challenge, and as much as it would be a challenge to take back Chelsea, attempting the same results with a different club in the Premier League is a mouth-watering concept.  Not only would he be loved by an entirely new set of fans but he would manage something no other manager has completed.  Where to go?  Mourinho would have the whole Premier League to choose from, but realistically there are only three clubs to go to:

Manchester City:  With Roberto Mancini’s future constantly being questioned by the press and with no sure sign of a trophy this year, it would be no surprise if Mancini and City part ways this summer.  Much like Chelsea at the time Mourinho took over, City are still fairly new to the money.  Mourinho would not only have club funding, he would also be more than used to the expectations asked of him.  With the players at hand, all Mourinho would need to do is build a decent spine to the team and add discipline.  If Mourinho went to City he could build a devastating team that would dominate the Premier League for several years.  Noisy neighbours no more.

Manchester United:  No one can question what Sir Alex Ferguson has done for Manchester United, 37 trophies says it all.  Which would seemingly make it an obvious suggestion that only a few managers could take over.  Ferguson will retire one day, and maybe even sooner if it is Mourinho that takes the helm.  Mourinho has long been an admire of Ferguson and even stated that he would like to replicate the Scott by one day managing a club for a legendary amount of time as well.  Mourinho is the one person who could keep the consistency and more importantly the titles rolling in.

Arsenal:  Definitely the tougher challenge out of the three.  Without a winners medal in so much as 6 seasons the ‘In Arsene we rust’ posters are being shown ever more frequently.  If Mourinho did become available in the summer and expressed interest in Arsenal, then it would most certainly be au revoir Arsene.  The Portuguese mastermind could bring a trophy the Arsenal fans desperately want.  Not only a trophy but with Mourinho’s outstanding record of being unbeaten in 150 club home games, he could turn Emirates into the fortress Highbury once was.

Jose Mourinho is destined to return to the English Premier League, that much is clear, but he has three very different clubs at his disposal, with each to all complete greatness.

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Article title: Is Chelsea really the right club now for Jose Mourinho?

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