Is there any level Chelsea won’t stoop too?

Chelsea Football Club used their official Instagram account to strike back at Jamie Carragher and Graeme Souness following their comments in the wake of the club’s Champions League elimination to Paris Saint Germain.

Both Carragher and Souness were vocal in their criticism of how the Chelsea players got Zlatan Ibrahimovic sent off with through what they saw as gamesmanship.

Chelsea clearly feel there is more than a bit of hypocrisy about and posted two images of the former Liverpool players attempting to influence officials during a game.

The post was accompanied with the comment ‘For those with short memories . . .’


Jose Mourinho also used his press conference this weekend to argue that both former Liverpool players had acted just as Chelsea have done when they were still playing the game.

While the club have every right to point out hypocrisy where they see fit, there’s is a certain lack of dignity in engaging in online feuds such as this, that many will feel is very ‘Chelsea’.