Is this ex-Chelsea man the current cream of the crop?

Carlo Ancelotti has been a leading figure in world football for his impressive managerial record, cool touchline demeanour and solitary raised eyebrow in post-match interviews.

Both as a player and a coach, the stern Italian has found success wherever he has gone. Ancelotti may not have the arrogance of Mourinho or the intensity of Guardiola but the quiet Italian may secretly be the best manager in the game right now.

The ex-San Siro fan favourite has an impressive managerial CV. Ancelotti has three Champions League titles to his name, as well as winning the Serie A, the Premier League and Ligue 1.

Whilst he is most commonly recognised for his ability in cup competitions, Ancelotti’s record simply doesn’t lie. The current Real Madrid boss has been in this game for ages – he is no flash-in-the-pan. Where managers like Diego Simeone or Jurgen Klopp have been hailed as the new messiah only to see their stock fall, Ancelotti has been consistently excellent throughout his long managerial career.

Carletto also deserves to be commended for keeping things moving, and keeping things fresh. In contrast with someone like Arsene Wenger, the Italian coach has tested himself at a series of different clubs across Europe with great success. Whilst his loyalty levels may not be on par with Wenger’s, Ancelotti is somewhat of a chameleon in world football. He is known for his ability to adapt, deploying a specific style of play based on his individual assessments of his respective clubs.

As well as this, the former main man at Chelsea has been known to build his own teams specifically to his desired requirements. Obviously with the help of some financial backing from the board, especially at Real Madrid, Ancelotti has been able to put his own stamp on the teams that have been under his management.

Pep Guardiola has so far only inherited the best squad available in Europe at the time, and as for the supposed tiki-taka style that the Spaniard helped orchestrate, Ancelotti had possession play going strong at Milan with the likes of Pirlo, Seedorf and Kaka long before Pep even became a manager.

In terms of his record, there is only one manager that comes close to Carlo Ancelotti in club football at the moment: Jose Mourinho. The ever enigmatic Portuguese boss also has a great CV and has managed to craft his own specific squads throughout the years. The difference however, is that Ancelotti doesn’t have to rely on meaningless dialogue and so called ‘mind-games’ to get his way. The Italian simply just gets on with it and doesn’t try to be clever like Mourinho.

You would never catch him doing something as crass as shaking the opposing manager’s hand before a match has finished, and Ancelotti rightly gets a lot more respect across the board for his behaviour. The jury may still be out on the Carlo vs. Jose debate, but when everything is thrown into the mix, there is only one man deserving of the title ‘world’s best manager’.

Whilst this is surely a topic that will rage on, with this season’s Champions League acting as the perfect battle-ground, expect Carlo Ancelotti to once again show both his skill and grace to a level that Europe’s other managers could only dream of achieving. When Manchester United reach the Champions League however, expect a certain Louis van Gaal to give the Italian a real run for his money!