Jose Mourinho: John Terry Is Not A Racist

Jose Mourinho and John TerryCNN’s Pedro Pinto has interviewed Jose Mourinho in Madrid for Mourinho Masterclass, a 30 minute feature on “The Special One”, airing 5 October 2012.

Mourinho: He is not a racist. That’s 100%. We (Chelsea) had a squad where we had 12 African players in the squad. It was a fantastic squad and he had always a great relation with every one of them.

But in football it can happen, and I know it can happen, that during a football match because sometimes it’s more than a game and sometimes you have reactions that don’t represent what you are really. Probably, he had a racist comment or a “racist” attitude against an opponent and, sometimes in football, we look to our opponents in the wrong way.

But to pay, he has to be punished.

But please, don’t say that he is a racist because I know what I am saying…Drogba will say, Geremi will say, Makelele will say, all of them will say that he is not a racist.

Pedro Pinto: Do you think there is racism in football?

Mourinho: I never felt it. Never. In a dressing room, I have never felt it, and I’ve always had African players in every one of my teams.

‘Mourinho Masterclass’ Airs Friday 5 October On CNN International

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