Just why is everyone enjoying Chelsea’s colossal demise so much?

Whilst Chelsea and their increasingly pressured boss continue to languish near the bottom of the table with nothing much more than a string of frustrating losses to their name, the rest of the Premier League in general seem to be enjoying the club’s unfortunate fate more and more with each passing week.

The likes of Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Nemanja Matic have seemingly failed to turn up this season, Jose Mourinho looks to be losing the plot at a somewhat alarming rate – and as the Blues can’t simply buy themselves out of trouble this time around – it remains difficult to imagine Chelsea rising above their recent slump any time soon.

Obviously the big-spenders won’t be getting relegated in 2015/16 of course. Mourinho’s men are bound to start showing their true form before the current campaign ends, yet the longer such a negative trend continues down at Stamford Bridge in the modern era, the more non-Blues fans grow progressively hopeful that the West Londoners continue on their downward spiral.

Sometimes even the most impressive outfits operating at top-flight level eventually fall victim to their own success. The behaviour of Jose Mourinho and his increasingly amped-up backroom staff tells the rest of us one thing, and one thing only – fame has certainly got to the head of the current Blues boss.

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Although he has always been an enigmatic character who arrives as an all-round entertainer as well as a Premier League manager, the modern day Mourinho ultimately seems a bit too pre-occupied with his celebrity-fuelled image and whatever clever sound-bites he can release to the press, then actually getting down to work and sorting out his team’s growing problems on the pitch.

The whole saga with Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn at the beginning of the season was peculiar enough of course – but now that certain Chelsea first-teamers are reportedly leading training ground revolts against their manager – well, such sensationalised stories simply take the recent pressure surrounding Mourinho to a whole new level altogether. Whilst these kind of reports can’t always be taken for gospel, it does in-fact seem as if there is no smoke without fire on this one…

Within the grand scheme of things, the Blues as a whole have arguably been asking for this kind of downspin in favour for quite some time now. Fans among the English top-flight certainly felt a little cheated when Chelsea became the first real colossal spenders of the modern era to ‘buy’ themselves the title, and perhaps now the situation is turning full-circle for the once dominant team.

When such a notion is combined with the club’s often boring tactics in big game matches, tiresome use of Diego Costa as a cheating battering-ram up-top, as well as Jose Mourinho’s all-round lack of dignity when it comes to bad-mouthing opposing managers and supplying us all with so-called gamesmanship tactics that we could all really do without – the situation certainly remains clear for even the most honest Blues fan to observe.

However, perhaps the main reason behind why everybody seems to be enjoying the club’s recent slip down the league table, is the fact that Chelsea were easily the best side in England throughout the entirety of last season – and now they’re not.

Once any formidable outfit becomes truly successful among the Premier League, the rest of the English top-flight are bound to become resentful one way or another. Maybe it’s just another form of envy, or perhaps a shade of bitterness that just won’t go away – but as was also the case for Sir Alex Ferguson whilst Manchester United were the strongest team in England – no one likes a successful no-nonsense manager who isn’t in charge of their chosen side.

In the end, everybody is pleased to see Chelsea fail this term because it means one of the main contenders for the league title has been temporarily cast aside. Chelsea and Jose Mourinho have been over-stepping the line in terms of behaviour and the way they carry themselves out on the pitch for quite a while now – yet with all things duly considered – non-Blues supporters are simply delighted with the fact that the Premier League could well have a new undisputed champion on its hands by the end of the season.

Nothing lasts forever of course, and soon general football fans might just start feeling sorry for Mourinho’s side if they fail to restore some pride in and around Stamford Bridge sooner rather than later…