Lord Triesman blasts length of Terry ban

QPR defender Anton Ferdinand and Chelsea defender John Terry

Former FA chairman Lord Triesman has questioned why John Terry received a shorter ban for racial abuse than Liverpool‘s Luis Suarez.

John Terry was banned for four matches and fined after being found guilty by the FA of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand during a Premier League match, while Luis Suarez was banned for eight when found guilty of the same offence. The length of Terry’s ban in relation to Suarez’s has been the subject of much criticism.

Lord Triesman agrees with the condemnation of the ban length saying: “Why is it different for a Liverpool player? It may be when you look at the detail that the FA thought there were reasons for it – I can’t see it.”

Triesman also thinks that the FA have not been taking the issue seriously enough.

“All of the delays in hearing things, not dealing with it in a precise way, not dealing with it consistently, it gives the signal it’s not really at the top of the agenda.

“I don’t believe in this day and age that anyone can think it’s OK and that you don’t owe an apology, not least to the other player. It is important for clubs to tell their very highly-paid employees what standards are expected of them on the pitch or in the training ground,” he added.

Lord Triesman recently criticised the handling of the John Terry case, including the time it took to deal with the issue.

The Chelsea captain has until next Thursday to appeal against the FA’s verdict.