Player/manager role? Chelsea boss could still run a midfield with moves like this

Antonio Conte has made quite the impression off the pitch as the new Chelsea boss, with the Italian manager presenting himself well in the media and immediately gaining the support of the Chelsea faithful.

In fact, he has performed so well as a manager that you could be forgiven if you had forgotten that he was actually a really successful player in his own right.

Just in case anyone had forgotten though, Antonio Conte has been showing his club that if they’re ever short on a midfielder they would be hard pressed to find someone better than the man himself.

In a video shared online, Conte is seen receiving the ball and knocking it past a group of his players with the outside of his boot – reminiscent of the days when he was still a player! Absolutely unreal technique.

Take a look at the clip below…

Wow! What a peach of a pass! Sure makes a few of the Chelsea boys look a little bit worse in comparison!

He’s definitely still got it!