Premier League duo keeping tabs on Ghanaian ace

Stamford Bridge

A striker who is being tracked by a host of big clubs including Chelsea will surely have just increased their interest in him by scoring a hat-trick this weekend.

Waris Majeed, who has appeared for his national team of Ghana, is the top-scorer in the Swedish equivalent of the Premier League, the Allvenskan this season. He was being watched by scouts from Chelsea, Everton and Porto as he scored three for BK Hacken in their 5-1 victory against opponents Syrianka FC.  It is not the first time Majeed has scored multiple goals in a game, scoring five goals in a 6-0 win for his club in May, the first for a player in that league this century. He is also the first person from Ghana to acheive this in a European top-flight match.

Majeed is still under contract at BK Hacken, he signed a deal to stay with the club for four years in October 2009. His debut for the club was in 2010.

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