SPOOF: Eden Hazard admits to kicking ball boy

Why is this still news? Has been the question on most people’s lips. Over the last 48 hours Eden Hazard‘s supposed ‘attack’ on a Swansea ball boy has been debated and probed over and over again by everyone from journalists and bloggers to students and school children like magpies lusting over a piece of kitchen foil.

The general consensus is that we now live in a world in which ball boys have started diving as well. However, when Eden was given the opportunity to clear his name by a Belgian journalist the story suddenly developed a fascinating new twist.

Not only does Mr. Hazard profess to have deliberately attacked the boy (who, incidentally is actually only four years younger than he) he also boasts that he would do it again given the opportunity.

After some crafty journalism from the reporter, he manages to get to the core of Hazard’s reasoning, revealing an origin story so dark it could bring a tear to the eye of Darth Vader or Kerry Katona.


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